School Goals

We are focussed to accomplish our main goals together

Goal #1. To develop critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills.

  • to promote school-wide activities and programs that utilize thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills;
  • to assist students to cultivate practical and life-long critical thinking.

Goal #2. To develop communication skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading.

  • to integrate skills to build organized, respectful and active listening in lessons and extra-curricular activities;
  • to provide classroom activities and school-wide programs to develop ease in the use of both personal and public written communication forms.

Goal #3. To develop student’s ability to utilize and apply basic math skills and concepts.

  • to engage students in exploring, conjecturing and thinking with math used as a tool for reasoning and problem solving;
  • to develop student’s confidence with math to a level where it is used in daily activities;
  • to enable students to express and expand their understanding of math concepts by means of communicating using writing and reading.

Goal #4. To build and enhance self and promote responsibility among students.

  • to develop school-wide cooperative, positive action activities;
  • to promote constructive ways to build and maintain self-esteem.

Goal #5. To provide programs for motor skill development that integrated with classroom.

  • to integrate sports, games and movement into the total school curriculum.

Goal #6. To improve global and environmental awareness.

  • to foster an appreciation of the fragility and diversity of the earth’s ecology with the understanding that all living things are bound together;
  • to cultivate an awareness of cultural diversity, respect and appreciation for life ways locally and in other parts of the world.


  • Day Care

  • School Cafeteria

  • Transportation

  • Trilingual Education (Spanish, English, French)

  • Psychopedagogist

  • Band

  • Constructivist Method

  • Football and Cheerleading Clubs

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